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Members of the Committee for Sustainable and Green Mining Visited the Demonstration Building of BNBM and Attended the Exchange.

2019-09-23 10:09Source: 中文

(The fifth from the left is Wang Tian, the executive deputy secretary-general, the first from the right is Wang Zhining, member of the committee.)

On September 22nd, the International Forum Exchange Meeting on Green Innovation Technology and Globalization Construction was successfully held at the Academy of Science of BNBM.

Leaders from different organizations all participated in the meeting, including Wang Bing, the chairman of the BNBM; Cedric Thomas Frolick, the vice president of the Conference, Senior foreign consultant to the Council of International Association of Ecological Economy and the president of the African National Congress (ANC); Li Junyang, Vice President and Secretary-General of the International Association of Ecological Economy; Ni Xiaojing, deputy-level counselor of the European Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Wang Tian, the executive deputy secretary-general of the Committee for Sustainable and Green Mining.

Beijing New Building Materials Public Limited Company (BNBM for short) is a platform for green building and new materials industry, which belongs to China National Building Materials Group Co., Ltd, one of the world’s top 500 enterprises. The BNBM is founded in 1979 and has listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange since 1997. The BNBM won the “Outstanding Contribution Award” of the global gypsum industry and was the champion of the “Best Company of the Year” for three times. The “Quality Benchmark” of Chinese industrial enterprise was awarded for its excellency, while the first innovative prize of the modern management for the national enterprises, as well as the best shareholder returns among the listed company in China were also given for its contribution for the industry.

Committee for Sustainable and Green Mining (CSGM) visited the “Future Building Hall” of the BNBM, in which the newly developed whole-house healthy apartment and intelligent high-end residence can be found. Wang Bing, the chairman of the BNBM, introduced the history and excellent performances of BNBM in the past forty years. His presentation for the BNBM focused on the development, applications and innovative achievements in green-building materials.

In his presentation, the importance of “Tiger” series and its innovative application system was highlighted, including formaldehyde purification gypsum plate and Lu-Ban all-purpose plate, which are both outstanding on air purification and high-quality decoration. The “Tiger” series contain revolutionary systems of different units, including the exclusive "Tiger" new packing system, curtain box system, multistage ceiling system, new tr-offer system and fast fastener system. They can improve construction efficiency, while greatly reduce the construction costs. These new systems can normalize the installation in the construction process, therefore the deformation and cracking problems of the suspended ceilings and partitions could be completely solved.

After visiting the demonstrated building, CSGM attended the exchange. Two representatives delivered speeches on the site, including Mr. Florrick, the President of the ANC, as well as Mr. Li Junyang, Vice-President and Secretary-General of the International Ecological Economy Association. They expressed their willingness to promote exchanges and corporation, by which they can protect the ecological environment and enhance the quality of building materials in the meantime. According to their hope, a bridge for investment and cooperation with other countries should be further built in the world.

The parties given their ideas on various topics, including creating a new situation of ecological civilization construction, promoting the development of a high-quality economy, making more places have lucid waters and lush mountains, and also invaluable assets, and practicing the idea that "improving the ecological environment is increasing productivity ".

This meeting raise the awareness of developing green building materials. Taking both circular economy and energy conservation as our responsibility, we can greatly improve the quality of buildings and the ability of energy conservation, which are in line with the core concept the CSGM— green mining construction.